Multimedia, Entertainment & Communication Solutions for Hotels


Nowadays, free access to the Internet is not enough, to satisfy the customer.

Guests expect, that in the hotel room they will have Internet access just as good as what they have in the office or at home.

Hotel guest' demand for quick and reliable, Wi-Fi is growing fast. "Homegrown" solutions are not good enough to ensure reliable service to everybody and at any time.

Merizon employees have many years of experience in providing reliable Wifi solutions. Over the years we have selected hardware manufacturers and software vendors. Our experience combined with top-notch equipment let us, choose the best solution for each facility/project.

Merizon is a partner of Hoist Group - best provider of HSIA solution to hotels, approved by global hotel chains, such as: Marriott, Hilton or Accor.


Advantages Hoist Group solutions:

– a choice of options - simple login for hotel guests only / simple login for all

– the ability to log on social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+)

– possibility for the guest to choose free access, paid access or paid access premium

– multilingualism of welcome portal

– welcome portal window adjusts to all sizes of screens

– integration with popular PMS systems

– possibility of separating hotel zones (specific floors or rooms), where guests will automatically have "better" Internet

– conference portal (customization of customers, allocating bandwidth, setting priorities, automatic, seamless connection of devices such as printers, TVs, video-conference tools, automatic restoration of the original settings after the conference)

– ability to generate network traffic report