Multimedia, Entertainment & Communication Solutions for Hotels


Fast and reliable network Wifi in hotel

We offer reliable, professional, Wifi solutions for hotels and conference venues.

Good Wifi network at the hotel is not only the desired service for your guests, but also a very useful investment in the hotel, which supports the use of wireless systems and hotel services.

Through skillful management of the Wifi network, hotel network traffic will be controlled, safe and directed where it is needed with appropriate parameters. This will ensure a stable link for hotel staff, guests using the conference service, and hotel guests will be able to seamlessly use their mobile devices in both the public areas and rooms.


Wifi in hotel

Use of mobile devices to access the administrative and, monitoring tools

Wireless payment terminals

Access to services managed in the cloud

Wireless Check-In

Wireless Digital Signage System


Wifi in the hotel for guests

High-speed wireless Internet throughout the hotel

Guests can easily connect and stay in touch with the hotel staff during the entire stay

Ordering services via mobile devices

Streaming of movies and music

Service portal for guests with the hotel information

Watching TV in any place

Navigation through a Wi-Fi network, help for visitors in finding their way


Why hotels and similar places need professional WIFI solutions?

Hotels, restaurants, conference halls and rooms are able to accommodate a large number of visitors, who at the same time gain full access to Wifi networks. Providing a fast and reliable Wifi connection in such environments requires, the elements of the network to provide access to multiple devices, of different parameters at the same time. If this does not happen, the Wifi network will not operate in a satisfactory manner for all users.

When we are building solutions Wifi in hotel, we implement only the solutions of reputable manufacturers and specially designed for public environments.

We provide tailor-made Wifi solutions, evidenced by local tests and measurements (heat maping – simulation of radio coverage and signal quality).


Comprehensively modernize or build a WiFi network at the hotel from scratch, according to the. plan as below

Local vision – measurement of Wifi networks

Technical project

Installation and Configuration

Wifi Network Monitoring

Assistance / Service


According to a study 83% guests devote their time to report dissatisfaction with poorly functioning Wifi, and 36% of them will not come back to the hotel where they, had problems with Wifi.

Nowadays, seamless access to the Internet anywhere in the hotel is as important as a comfortable bed or tasty breakfast.

To ensure reliable Wifi networks it is necessary to have professional equipment, which can easily "serve" a large number of mobile devices simultaneously.

Merizon uses Ruckus Wireless devices, which were designed specifically for the hospitality industry, and thanks to the patented BeamFlex + technology are able to provide Wifi with much more mobile devices at the same time than other companies.