Multimedia, Entertainment & Communication Solutions for Hotels


System for hotel management

System Hotel 360° this new, faster communication channel between guests and the hotel, as well as an effective tool to optimize costs. The system uses modern technology based on mobile devices and cloud solutions, It operates in selected languages. Its main modules are: Hotel 360°Concierge – application for tablets that are supplied hotel room, whereby the guest can order hotel services and Hotel 360°Mobile – mobile application available for smartphones. It allows you to communicate with former and potential guests, offering them personalized promotional offers and make direct booking rooms. The application is a tool for building loyalty system Hotel and reducing operating costs associated commissions for web portals

The modular system Hotel 360 enables the implementation by the hotel it interesting modules, depending on the profile of your business and your needs.

Hotel module 360 ​​Mobile

This mobile application for hotel guests, Available for smartphones and serves as another channel of communication with former and potential customers hotel. Use it to the hotel can communicate with guests and offer them the opportunity to make direct booking rooms at the application level and prepare for them personalized promotional offers. The app contains full information about the hotel and hotel services, promotions, special offers and a list of organized events.

Advantages module Hotel 360 Mobile:

– Interested available for each guest hotel for the iOS platform, Android

– the ability to reach the hotel with an offer directly to hotel guest

– an excellent tool for building loyalty guests and support loyalty programs operating in hotel

– a tool for marketing and promotion Hotel, distribution of hotel services and occasional special offers

– quick check-in, check-out

– electronic room key for hotel guests

Module 360 ​​Hotel Concierge Tablet

Tablet app which supplied hotel room, with which the guest can take advantage of the comprehensive range of hotel services and hotel partners working with him. The solution aims to present all the attractions and hotel services in a multimedia way, so that the guest can take advantage of them during their stay and order and book hotel services directly from the application on the tablet located in the hotel rooms.

Advantages module 360 ​​Hotel Concierge:

– deploy self-service, which is the same guy is purchasing hotel services without direct or telephone contact with the hotel staff

– reducing the cost of processes associated with the provision of information regarding the offer hotel guests, available hotel services, complaints etc.

– prestige hotel with the innovative and unique solutions convenient for hotel guests and service

– leveling the cost of needed updates traditional paper directories and leaflets and brochures

– increase hotel revenues

– overcoming language barriers between guests and hotel service (multilingualism system)

Hotel Module 360 ​​° Navigation

The system allows hotel guests to move freely around the hotel complex and in the surrounding hotel. Using the module hotel guest can locate your current position or find the shortest route to the place. To navigate the facility closed propose the use of wireless technology beacons, while the navigation surrounded the hotel uses GPS and google maps. The module is perfect for bulky objects and large-scale concentrated on the use and organization of conference events and activities.

Advantages module Hotel 360 ° Navigation:

– module that allows hotel guests to find a way to selected destinations / attractions / meeting rooms / hotel rooms located in the hotel or in its vicinity

– provides hotel guests and hotel area map

– the use of beacons to determine the location of the closed facilities

Module Hotel 360 Conference

Solution for organizing all kinds of conferences in the hotel, improve communication on the line organizer – participant. This module provides a tool for conference organizers, so that they can using the application hotel Hotel 360 Mobile share presentation agenda, conference materials, useful information to participants of their conference.

Advantages module Hotel 360 Conference:

– module provided by the hotel for the conference organizer provides fast communication between the participants of the conference and its organizer

– provides additional conference participants “attractions”

– the ability to send messages to the conference by both the organizer and the hotel

– access to the agenda and other information for the conference participants using a mobile application for mobile platforms iOS, Android

– the possibility of adding hotel promotional services specially composed for the conference participants

Module 360 ​​Hotel Administration

It allows you to manage the entire system, extensive parameterization, defining the powers of the system users and control of data integrity. also, module allows you to track the activity of system use by hotel guests and sending them offers real-time dependent areas of their interest. Management staff in turn, has access to all necessary statistics, and by analyzing them can make important management decisions.

Hotel Module 360 ​​Communicator

Available in the form of a mobile application. All orders for the hotel staff serving the guests are sent to the module Messenger, so in real time, they receive on their smartphones orders placed by customers Hotel. Hotel Module 360 ​​Communiator a fast yet simple tool for smooth flow of information. Thanks to Service-to-date follows the orders of the guests, which allows for the immediate implementation of outsourced tasks.