Multimedia, Entertainment & Communication Solutions for Hotels


Reliable IT environment is necessary for the smooth functioning of the hotel.

Firewall, Virus Protection

Secure infrastructure for the IT environment of the hotel should include systems protecting against viruses, data back-up services, servers, systems ensuring continuous operation


We offer a hardware and network monitoring system, so that any problem arising out of disruption can be solved quickly.

"Peace of mind" package

Service agreement gives long-term peace of mind with a regular remote control of your IT environment, inclusive on-site visits.

Control overview of the IT environment

Do you want to be guaranteed, that your IT environment will work well all the time? We can visit your hotel and carry out an inspection of the IT environment, in order to verify safety and accuracy of its operation. We will check if anything needs to be corrected, with a view to eliminate potential problems, or attacks, which will ensure proper operating functioning of business-critical systems

On-site inspection includes a review of:

– Server room

– Network

– Switches

– Devices in the network

– Communication


Following the inspection, we will present suggestions for improvements, in order to ensure safety, stability and performance.