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We offer solutions specifically designed for health care, where we take care of the whole process – from designing, installations, deployment to support. We implement the latest technologies in the field of IT and television solutions , and our offer includes comprehensive solutions, from single TV channels to advanced television systems.


Philips Healthcare TV receivers have been designed specifically for use in medical facilities.

Housing in white with rounded corners fits perfectly into the character of the interior of medical care units..

The basic level of security, necessary performance and reliability are essential requirements in a professional medical environment. In contrast to the standard TV, Heartline Philips uses a special power supply for medical applications in order to meet the above requirements. A TV is compatible with EN / IEC 60601-1, norm which guarantees basic safety and essential performance. Apart from that this TV is compatible with the standard EN / IEC 60601-1-2 norm conncerning electromagnetic radiation and compatibility. Compliance with these standards is required by hospitals and clinics in many countries.

Germs constitute a growing problem in hospitals and clinics around the world, because they can cause life-threatening infections. Heartline Philips manufacturer has found a solution to this problem - , a TV casing unit contains an antibacterial additive compastible with JIS Z2801 norm. This protective shield, which inhibits the growth of the most common microorganisms, such as for example Staphylococcus aureus (Gastroenteritis), Escherichia coli (E Coli) or Klebsiella (Pneumonia), is a guarantee of the health protection and safety of medical staff and patients.

The TV comes with a stylish white remote control designed specifically for medical facilities. Durable design and smooth back of the remote control make it easy to clean and disinfect. Low battery indicator and anti-theft functions are useful in everyday hospital practice.

Due to the universal remote control function, one controller supports only one receiver. There may be even 14 TV's in the premises 14 TVs, but signals from remote controls will not collide.

Being compatible with emergency calls, the Philips TV dedicated to medical facilities is a highly integrated tool, which not only offers users (patients) numerous possibilities in the field of entertainment, but also provides convenient access to medical assistance in emergency situations.