AC and Ventillation Systems

Taking to consideration comfort of hotel guests, Merizon offers professional air-conditioning and ventilation systems. The air-condition in the hotel should be quiet, efficient, energy-saving and fully operational all the time.
We need to consider that hotel venues demand different operational capacities for different parts of the facilities. We need to create different environment in public spaces, hotel rooms, kitchen facilities (highly efficient and separate from other ventilation systems), as well as swimming pools and Spa & Wellness venues (maintaining all-year stable temperature and efficient air-drying/ moisturizing capacity).

Professional design, equipping and implementation of AC and ventilation systems is important also because it must address such requirements, as:
– Cubic space – the AC and Ventilation systems take the most of service space in a building/ venue, sometimes as much as 10% of its cubic space.

– Energy/ power consumption – it is one of the most energy/ power-consuming systems of any building. Energy saving is provided by automated and programmable HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) control systems. HVAC systems turn various elements on or off, depending on various requirements and parameters, thus helping reduce operational cost of the whole system.

HVAC systems are integrated with Room Control and BMS (Building Management Systems), which allow control and increase of power efficiency for the whole building/ venue.

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