In response to increasing interest and demand for mobile solutions on the hotel industry market, Merizon implements a dedicated Hotel 360°System, basing on tablets and smartphones with Android and IOS systems. The hotel industry is interested in their guest to be more self-sufficient and needs to optimize communication channels between hotel guests, hotel staff and hotel service offers. The Hotel 360°System software provided by Merizon breaks the language barrier and is very user friendly.

The system is module-built, so the hotel is able to implement the elements it chooses, depending on specific needs. The system uses modern technologies based on mobile devices and cloud solutions. It was designed by the best information architects and user interface designers. Thanks to integration with the PMS (Property Management Systems), the Hotel 360°System allows personalized information flow, promotional offers, direct room reservation, quick check-in and check-out procedures, exploeration of the hotel’s offer, electronic room keys, navigation (BLE and/ or WiFi, as well as GPS maps). The system provides also intra-conference communication, release/ publication of organizers’ materials for all conference participants, follow-up of guests’ activities and ability to check statistics.

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