Thanks to its co-operation with the Lutron Company, Merizon provides foolproof energy-saving and control solutions for lighting, curtains/ window covering and room temperature.

The steering may be intuitive and multi-zone. It allows a one-click set-up of ligting, window covering and temperature in conference halls, restaurants, lounges, foyers or ballrooms. The system allows also to store custom solutions in its memory.

Scaled lighting management is an energy-saving solution for new, as well as old buildings, public spaces, rooms, utility spaces (toilets, corridors and storage places), which do not require constant lighting. The presence/ movement sensors allow automatic energy saving.

The system is easily manageable – wireless steering decreases the period of installation even by 70%. It also saves work and idleness cost, thanks to remote controls and mobile applications.

The curtains/ window covers/ blinders, may be timer-regulated, switch-regulated or sunlight-intensity regulated.

The user interface Lutron Vue enables monitoring, analysis, adjustment and efficiency-reporting of the building. It is compatible with various multimedia equipment and this way enables remote employee training and venue/ facility control from any place on earth. Hotel guests in Lutron system equipped rooms, may regulate lighting from their beds.

Lutron offers wide variety of colors, shapes, materials and steering solution details.
The company is 100% ISO certified, does detailed completion tests, their products have quite sufficient longevity of usage and 10-year battery warranty. They offer fifty years of experience in providing reliable and foolproof products.

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