Fast and safe WiFi is important not only for the guests. It also supports employees in usage and management of hotel services or conference systems. It allows network access for various devices with various parameters. It enables use of mobile devices in accessing management and monitoring devices, cloud-managed services, wireless usage of Digital Signage, check-in and check-out systems and payment card-reading terminals.

The guests who use WiFi in their rooms and public spaces may connect and stay connected to the staff, order services, stream films and music, watch TV and use navigation in any part of the venue. High Speed Internet Access systems implemented by Merizon, allow safe authorization and usage of e.g. Netfilx or YouTube-type applications.

We implement solutions by renown producers, designed specifically for public space environments. We provide customized WiFi solutions, supported by local tests and measurements (heat-mapping, simulation of wireless coverage and signal quality). We design networks from scratch and modernize already functioning hotel network solutions – starting with on-site inspection and network function measurements, through technical design, installation and configuration, and ending with ongoing network monitoring and servicing.

In order to assure fast and flawless WiFi network operation, we use solely the equipment produced by renown companies and designed especially for hotel industry, like Ruckus Wireless, Cisco Meraki, HP Aruba or Aerohive. Those solutions enable WiFi access for more numerous users and devices than equipment produced by other companies. We need to consider the fact that one hotel room may include various and numerous devices, like phones, laptops, tablets, TV, chromecasts, etc., working simultaneously.

The proposed work model includes such advantages, like various log-in options (simple log-in for hotel guests only or for all; log-in through social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+); guest choosing free of charge, charged or Premium charged network access; multilingual welcome site; welcome site adjusted to all screen sizes; devices integrated with PMS; ability to choose venue zones, where guests have automatic access to higher capacity Internet network; conference site (personalized client access; allocation of network capacity; setting up priorities; automatic, easy-access to various devices, like printers, TVs, video-conference equipment; automatic resetting to original set-up after conference conclusion); network traffic intensity reports.

The Merizon company is a partner of the Hoist Group – supplier of the best HSIA (High Speed Internet Access) solutions for hotels. The high quality and foolproof capacity of those solutions have been appreciated by such worldwide hotel chains, like Marriott, Hilton or Accor.

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