The Merizon Company offers ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) solutions for the hotel industry and B2B market, be it VOIPs (Voice Over Internet Protocols), TDMs (Time Division Multiplexing – phone technology based on switching circuits via PBX switchboards) or digital hybrid VOIP+TDM solutions.

The systems include: terminals, phone servers and devices, talk recording and billing systems, Contact Center and management applications; voice and video communication systems, wireless phone network IP DECT. Our Company offers counseling, as well as telecommunication infrastructure implementation and maintenance audits.

The most important functions of communication platform are: voicemail, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), IP and TDM terminals, versatility (combining of IP and TDM systems), management via Web, phone communication, scaled IP system, comprehensive solutions for a Contact Center, MyCalls applications, ability to work remotely, compatibility with existing devices, integration of various and multiple applications, supply co-division.

Customized solutions prepared on basis of specific needs of our customers. Contact us. See how we may be of help to you.